Founders Message 2014.26.9


2002 was a great year for the city of Brentwood in Northern California.
The harvest celebration we call the CornFest was a huge success with
many big superstar musical acts like The Yardbirds, Mickey Thomas/Starship,
Norton Buffalo, The Tubes , Malo and Pete Escovedo to name a few. My position as
music chairman came after a long family history with promoting the festival.
It was a privelege to be charged with gathering together some legendary talent
and also become long-time friends with a lot of the musicians. This would be the
last year of participating with this awesome community event. The next call to action
would be to create an event never before experienced in our area.
The Brentwood Independent Film Festival.

As soon as we were finished wrapping up the CornFest the task of creating
a web presence for our "Call For Entries" would be the first job.
Creating a look and feel as well as entry and sponsorship forms.
This is how a film festival receives attention from around the world.
At the time I was also attending film school in San Fracisco and had
many personal contacts to the film production world in the Bay Area.
It happened pretty quick. The word spread through the UK and throughout
Europe and all the way to Australia. Many filmmakers contacted me directly
and several actually came to Brentwood to support their films and the operations.
Support from Paul Gunsky of Cinelux Theatres was crucial. The ten day festival
would primarily be hosted at the New Delta Cinema in downtown Brentwood.
This is the epicenter of our business community. Growing up going to mixers
for the Chamber of Commerce would be my connection to civic leaders
and potential business owner sponsorships. The real backbone of the festival.
Although financial success is desireable it was not the goal of the BIFF to
achieve a huge return but to establish itself as viable at least and be able
to sustain itself indefinitely. This was not the case unfortunately and in
2006 we had our last festival before going on hiatus, indefinitely.

The call to action is still there and many often ask when the next
BIFF will be produced. Well my goals and intentions have changed
many times since 2006. I now produce a new product called Pintxo SauceĀ®.
This is the result of being involved so many years with food, music and film.
In recent years the opportunity to cook for many events produced by
The Mill Valley Film Festival put me in touch with some new friends.
A vegan actor named Woody Harrelson came to our restaurant and
requested that a special vegan menu be created for his guests.
This was essentially the main inspiration to create what is now
known as Pintxo SauceĀ®. Quite possibly the next lead sponsor
of a new film festival brewing in the minds of my peers.

I guess you'll just have to wait and see!

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